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Antolyn Thomas RN, iCNA

Antolyn Thomas RN, iCNA


Meet our accomplishment professional with a diverse background in nursing, education, and healthcare administration, Antoyln. With over 19 years of experience as a registered nurse, she has worked in various settings including home health, hospitals, and as a case manager.

Antolyn passion for teaching led her to pursue a career in education, where she shared her expertise and mentored aspiring healthcare professionals. Along with teaching, she has a love for traveling and has explored different cultures and healthcare systems across the globe.

Her career progression includes serving as an Assistant Director in a 36-bed hospital unit where she oversaw the management and administration of RN, PT/OT services. As an experienced RN and administrator, she was able to provide exceptional care and services to patients while also leading and guiding her team to success.

With extensive experience in nursing, education and healthcare administration, she will undoubtedly bring a unique perspective and skill set to Genevieve Training Center.  

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